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Personalized Study Plans
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Personalized Study Plans

  • We create strategic customized study plans that take your background, life events, and goals into consideration and will tell you EXACTLY how to achieve your goals.
  • You will have a unique study plan just for YOU
  • No more wasted time studying low yield materials

Accountability & Progress Checks

  • We teach you how to use objective data to optimize your study plan as it will be dynamic
  • We ensure progress by checking in on you and holding you accountable
  • We set daily, weekly, and monthly goals
  • We remind you to be self aware and how to listen to your body to help maximize your studying endurance

Tutoring & Live Lectures

  • Personalized tutoring where we show you how to turn weak subjects into strengths
  • Live group lectures allow you to participate and put your knowledge to the test. This allows us to help you find the holes in your knowledge bank
  • We strive to give the highest quality and yet affordable tutoring services available

Highest Yield Notes

  • It is very important that you know what NOT to study
  • We show you exactly what you MUST know per system/subject for the USMLE
  • We have trimmed the fat from all the best textbooks and this will SAVE you a ton of time.

 Study Anywhere & Anytime

  • Our Guides are compatible on all devices: Tablets, Computers, and phones
  • You can now study at any given second throughout your busy day

Usmle Coach is a great place to start and use throughout your lectures in med school and during board review. His questions are each incredibly helpful.Not only is his material solid, but Louis has been very supportive and offered honest advice all the time – He has been a great mentor! I was able to score 241 on step 1 and 600+ on COMLEX


I started my journey with Louis about 3 months before my test, at a time when I was feeling hopeless about Step 1.  My NBME scores were not improving and I did not know what I was done wrong.

Scheduling sessions with Louis and reviewing his high yield guides routinely was one of the best decisions I could have made and I would highly recommend him to anyone – no matter what your goal score is.

I achieved my goal score and there’s nothing more gratifying than that!! 


USMLE Coach truly has the best material w/o the fluff. He has been truly supportive coach and friend – he checks in to make sure Im staying on track and even better, when I do burn out and slow down, he helps me get BACK on track.

His material is so high Yield and I love using it since I can print it out and scroll through it on my ipad.  I have ZERO regrets about getting in touch with and utilizing usmle coach’s material and strategies.

I highly recommend Louis and his guides as he will teach you how to study more effectively and much more!

YES, I want to Crush the USMLE !